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Date: 3-29-2013

So much to do so little time. All my projects and revamp ideas are never started or completed. The weather sucks. I seriously just want to drink tea forever. Speaking of which, I fucking love Celestial Sleepytime teas. They are amazing. Seriously. I have problems getting to sleep and these teas are so relaxing and they taste good. I've got like 4 different kinds of Sleepytime teas lol.

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Date: 2-17-2013

Current mood: Nauseous and tired. I don't know why I'm in school. I can learn more on my own and from having an actual job than from attending class where a woman drones on in a monotone voice for an hour about the usability of surveys. Bah.

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Date: 12-17-2013

So the botm didn't work out. Which is fine. I'm kinda busy with work and life and ugh. ANYWAYS my promo page is updated. A sweet girl is in an insane BOTY poll (I didn't even know they had those) SO if you guys want to be so kind please check my promo page or my promo tab above for how to vote for her and I'll promo you. Thank you so much for all your support!

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Date: 11-18-2013

I'm in a BOTM!!! Please check my promos tag up above *lookie up* or go to my promos page to view details!!! I'm EXCITEDD WHEE!!

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Date: 11-1-2013

Updated my about me section. Made it About/FAQ. Might add more to it later. :)

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Date: 10-18-2013

GREETINGS! This is going to be my new update tab! I'm going to put stuff here on new content or changes I make to the blog. I'm also planning to do a BOTM. Might also do a giveaway at some point. If you are interested in doing a joint promo message me! <3

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